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FleursDeLaVie Quarterly Membership Subscription Box

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This is s new subscription service that is starting March 15th!

This will be for our summer box! You can also pre-order for fall and winter. :)

Sign up for a quarterly membership box for spring, summer, fall and winter.  All products will be local, handmade or things to coordinate with the season you choose. 

Each box will be unique and seasonally fitting.  Some things may vary slightly due to volume and availability, but will still be very similar.

This first summer box includes:

Wander bottle: $33.95 Value

Stoneware container: $12.95 Value

Water mister: $14.95 Value

Gift Bag: $4.95 value

Aggies Candle: $17.95 value

Handmade sign: $22.95 value

Over $100 value for ONLY $75!!

Hurry supplies are limited!!

FREE shipping for US residents only.